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Welcome to ToferBot, where innovation meets excellence in independent and collections consulting. Our mission is simple yet profound: transcending the ordinary to deliver extraordinary results. With a blend of expertise, technology, and a client-focused approach, we redefine what's possible in consulting services.

Collections Consulting:

  • Debt Recovery Strategies: Maximize recovery rates with effective collection strategies.

  • Training and Development: Empower your team with the skills and knowledge for successful collections.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Gain actionable insights from data to drive decision-making.

We do the best we can in this self-managed dystopian hell-world. Raise the Minimum Rage.

Independently VERIFIED.

Locally TRUSTED.

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Continuous Support and Optimization:

We believe in long-term success. Our support extends beyond project completion, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation to changing market conditions.

Crafting a Customized Strategy:

Based on our initial assessment, we develop a strategy that's uniquely yours. This bespoke approach ensures solutions that are not just effective but also align with your business's core values.

Implementation and Execution:

Our team works alongside yours to implement the strategy, ensuring seamless execution and minimal disruption to your operations.


ToferBot transformed our collection processes, resulting in a significant increase in recovery rates.

- Anna Hendricksons

The strategic insights from ToferBot's team have been a game-changer for our business.

- Dirk Thompson

Let us help you get what you are owed.